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Selma Rabelo serves as Project Manager for ahs® Residential, bringing 20 years of experience in business development, real estate development, design, and construction.

Ms. Rabelo responsibilities include all elements of development, from land acquisition and due diligence, to project entitlements, design coordination, and owner’s representation, leading finally to project close-out and turnover to Property Management. Ms. Rabelo is a key Architect retained to spearhead the implementation of our new construction system, she will also be serving as our primary day-to-day liaison with MRV on design and technical matters to maintain and enhance both companies’ commitment to mutual knowledge-sharing.

Ms. Rabelo has had a global career, collaborating on high profile projects in Latin America, Australia, Europe, and the United States and has played an integral role in the design, development and construction of several of Brazil’s largest and most innovative real estate projects over the past 2 decades.

In 2010, Mr. Rabelo became Senior Development Manager for Odebrecht, a $60 billion, multinational construction conglomerate, where she managed the $ 2 billion real estate project “Parque da Cidade” (City Park) 21 acres, 6.4 million sqft, 10 towers mixed-use LEED certificated development along prime riverfront property in the heart of Sao Paulo that includes high-end residential living, corporate offices, office suites, restaurants, a plethora of retail shops, and a Four Seasons Hotel. It was also the first project in Brazil to seek LEED Neighborhood Development certification and included at the exclusive Climate Positive Development Network.

Selma Rabelo was an active member in the international Climate Positive Program, an association between Clinton Foundation, C40 Cities and US Green Building which gathers the 17 most sustainable projects worldwide helping cities meet the dual challenge of rapid urbanization and climate change.

Ms. Rabelo holds a Masters of Technology and Management in Construction from USP – Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, and a Bachelor’s of Architecture and Urbanism from UFBA – Federal University of Brazil. She has also a minor in Civil Engineering from Catholic University.


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