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Rodolfo Guerra is the Senior Project Manager at ahs® Residential. He has created the company’s Business Intelligence department, which analyzes relevant market data and incorporates it to ahs® product design.

Formerly, Mr. Guerra served as Project Director at Reuso Rio S.A, a subsidiary of Odebrecht Ambiental S.A, a 30 year Design Build Operate and Own industrial project. There, Mr. Guerra implemented a Project Management Plan which focused on time and cost constraints, in depth risk analysis, and macroeconomic feasibility studies. Prior to that, Mr. Guerra was the Contract Administration and Finance Manager at Foz Aguas 5, a sanitation concession at Rio de Janeiro, analyzing more than USD 1 billion in infrastructure projects. Additionally, Mr. Guerra also acted as Change Manager for the MIA Mover, a USD 260 million public transportation project at the Miami International Airport.

Mr. Guerra has also served as Project Manager at Portland Construction Company, where he worked on a variety of commercial, residential, and light industrial projects. There, he led and coordinated projects up to USD 20 million.

From 2002 to 2004, Mr. Guerra was a Research Engineer at the National Crash Analysis Center in Ashburn, Virginia. While there, he developed the new geometry acquisition technique implemented by the Vehicle Modeling Lab, reducing production time, and increasing the accuracy and compatibility results between computer simulations and real test data.

Mr. Guerra holds a Masters in Business and Administration with concentration in International Business at the University of Miami, a Masters of Science in Civil Engineering with concentration in Transportation Safety at the George Washington University, and a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering at the George Washington University.


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