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Antonio Luiz Souza


Antonio Luiz Souza is the Planning, Control and Innovation Manager for ahs® Residential, contributing almost 40 years of professional experience working in complex heavy construction projects in Brazil and abroad.

Mr. Souza has a great understanding of international business, with most of his work being in South America (Brazil, Peru and Venezuela) and CONUS (California, North Carolina and Florida). Mr. Souza started his career as a trainee engineer in Odebrecht Group in 1979 and grew up on the technical and managerial roles in the company, during 38 following years in the heavy construction sector. His projects include: Hydraulic and power plant, dams, watermain, irrigation channel, roadways, bridges, mine Infrastructure, gas plant infrastructure, highway widening and subways in various countries.

Mr. Souza’s engineering background, experience and outstanding performance results in various job sites has brought him to be involved in several relevant projects in Latin America and in the United States, like the “Pedra do Cavalo” Dam & Watermain, Second Maracaibo Overcrossing, Caracas Subways, Charcani V” Hydropower Plant, CHAVIMOCHIC Irrigation, all in South America countries, and Santa Ana River Channel, Apalachicola Bridge and Route I40 Widening projects, in USA.

Prior to his arrival at ahs®, Mr. Souza was working as an Independent Consultant from 2016-2018. Mr. Souza holds a Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineer from the Catholic University of Salvador, Bahia – Brazil and he is also a certified CQC Manager by Corps of Engineer and FDOT.


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